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Summed up in one word "Honesty"

When Search Engine Optimization debuted in the early 2000's it was a simple process of stuffing a site with Keywords, Descriptions and Titles.

Since then Google has taken main stage and has refined it's algorithm to excluded spammers, adult material and several other less than legitimate businesses.

SEO is no longer a simple task and unfortunately the majority of the companies offering SEO are no more then scammers and spammers themselves.

My name is Jeffrey Winer and I have been performing SEO and all other related services since 1997, I have worked for over 900 clients in 7 different countries with a 100% success rate with those clients that followed our recommendations.

SEO involves a myriad of linking, text revisions and functionality that must follow within the guidelines of what Google requires. The age of your domain, its past and present content, site functionality and accurate linking both inbound and outbound are now all important factors in the success of any SEO Campaign.

At this moment Google represents 57% of the total Internet market with Yahoo and Bing averaging less than 19% at best.

At Page One Or Bust we submit a comprehensive proposal outlining all of the processes that will be included and implemented in the SEO service of your site.

If you take a moment and read what our present and past clients say about us you will see a re-accruing theme about how we operate and what you can expect from an honest, successful and seasoned Internet Marketing Firm.


Our company has been in the Internet Marketing profession since 2005, I have worked independently as an SEO specialist since 1997. Please visit our portfolio of clients from single owner companies to multi level corporations, Page One Or Bust has delivered an average of 300% increase in overall traffic. The industries we have served includes everything from: Jamaican resorts, car dealerships, family resorts, hunters, anglers and outfitters, mortgage companies, pest control, jewelry box makers, artists, food industry, landscaping architects, real estate and land development companies, limousine charters, corporate jet charters, outdoor adventure sports, western resorts and dude ranches, industrial, manufacturing and home kit manufacturers and more...

We are different, and from the time you first speak with our Senior Analyst till the time your receive your first positive report, you will feel and know that the firm your hired for this most important work, is honest, forthright and realistic.

We are a team of professional SEO specialists and experts!


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