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Maybe you show up on page 10 of Google or maybe you don’t show up at all. Fact is, if your site doesn’t show on the first few pages of Google, Bing and Yahoo for your market relevant terms, not including your Web sites Name, you have little chance of cashing in on the largest existing and fastest growing market place on the planet and you are missing the most important piece of the internet advertising puzzle.

Simply put, 2 out of 3 people use search engines to find out everything from product research, to discounted vacations deals. Most of these people are not clicking on PPC ad’s, these folks are educated, experience and looking for the most relevant information available to them and that’s also why they are searching Google 2.5 out of 3 times.

No longer do couples drive around neighborhoods looking for a new home to buy when they can visit Google and search for a web site with homes anywhere on the planet and even be able to tour homes from thousands of miles away and learn all there is to know about a home before they even leave their driveway.

Local key phrase searches account for almost 40% of all Internet commerce. Phrases like "south carolina land for sale" and "rv dealers in Spartanburg" and “Wyoming Dude Ranches” There are very web savvy and intelligent users out there today. Having a web site is obviously an important part of the process but having real prospective’s visit that site will always be the most important part of the puzzle. It's easy to buy your way onto Google thru sponsored links but again statistics show that less than 34% of all search engine users ever click on a sponsored link when they are looking for the best provider, sale or service.

When asked, 7 out of 10 people said they would trust an organic listing on the first pages of Google before a sponsored link for the exact same key word phrase.

Defining yourself: it's difficult to define yourself with so many companies trying to show up for those same terms that convert and good general search engine placement is even harder. There are just so many companies trying to do the same thing.

USE your web site to tell everyone around the world why you are different, why you are the Leader in what you do and do this thru sound web site tactics and Great Search Engine placement. At Page One or Bust we replace the hassle and the guesswork, “With expertise and results.” Level the playing field, we will show you how to compete for those visits with out costly PPC campaigns.

Contact Page One or Bust .com today and together we will show YOUR WEBSITE "Where To Go" and how to get There... “Expose Yourself “ Turn your site into a fruit barring asset.




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